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Medicated Toothpick (Iodine & Peppermint)

Medicated Toothpick (Iodine & Peppermint)


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Our tough round hardwood iodized peppermint medicated toothpick product provides a level of dental health and maintenance similar to the iodized dental floss.

Iodine is Effective

Iodine is one of the world’s most powerful antimicrobials, antivirals and antifungals, and doctors and surgeons use it every day in every hospital operating room in the world. In it’s various forms, iodine cleanses, kills pathogens and prevents infection. It kills every virus known. And amazingly enough, it even works better than bleach and other chemicals. No product is harsh enough to compete with the anti-viral properties of iodine.

Important Applications

Especially during this time, when fear strikes at the thought of a virus, keeping yourself healthy is of the utmost concern. Make it your top priority to use quality products to keep you and your family safe. You should use products formulated to prevent and even get rid of bacteria, pathogens and viruses. Iodine is one such ingredient. It can and does prevent viruses, on the hands and skin, in the ears, eyes, nose, mouth and throat, and inside the body, both as a tonic, and as a food nutrient.

There are a variety of iodine and iodized products for nearly every application or health condition imaginable. Some applications of iodine are intended to get rid of an unwanted condition or problem. On the other hand, there are created to make you healthier, no matter your current state of health, ailment-free or not. Iodine is also a critical nutrient for the body and regulates a number of very important systems, including the thyroid.

Prevent and kill viruses with ease. Wear your masks and wash your hands regularly. And, if you want your mouth to be clean, use our iodized peppermint medicated toothpick. Carry them everywhere, and use at any moment. Use after meals to remove and destroy the microbes that harbor illness. The medicated toothpick will keep your gums, teeth, breath and iodine sufficiency in great health with regular use. And, they might save your life by preventing hordes of infectious diseases!

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