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Iodized Sea Salt

Iodized Sea Salt


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Iodized Sea Salt for Low-Salt Diets

Our iodized Sea Salt is SO VERY salty that you’ll use half-as-much or less on your food.

Even better: it contains 84 micronutrients – all the elements with which we evolved in the ocean a billion years ago.  This 200 million-year-old product has an exceptional, deep and delicious 100% SALT FLAVOR.

It is unmatched in taste, quality and health value by the bleached, sodium-chloride-only stuff you get in cardboard containers, which sits on the shelves for months, losing all its iodine.

It is SO much better than ordinary “unhealthy” salt – one taste is all it takes.
The doctor said “Cut back on sodium and salt!” Guess what? Here’s a way to do it WITHOUT EVER losing that wonderful salty taste.

Use it on everything. Very, very sparingly.  You don’t need much at all!
Research shows that MOST Americans don’t get nearly enough iodine.  Iodine fights heart-disease, destroys cholesterol, creates smarter babies.  Now you can ENJOY SALTY FOODS again and get your daily iodine requirement for you, your family, and your baby.

Good Health

Great Taste! Easy To Use.

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