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Which Flea & Tick Killer do you use? There are plenty out there, but many of these concoctions contain dangerous chemicals. Unfortunately, fleas, ticks, mosquitos and other insects can expose your pet to serious diseases.

Tick populations vary according to the time of year and location, but basically they are found everywhere in the United States and further. They are a problem for animals and humans alike. They are hard to see, difficult to feel and fall on your clothing silently. For animals, they are also hard to reach, even if detected.

Ticks spread a variety of diseases, such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and some others with really medical sounding names, like Hepatozoonosis. Whatever the name, the result is the same. Diseases are highly dangerous for both people and pets. As with other diseases, the cause is usually not the tick itself, but what it’s carrying. For example, Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria living in the tick that is transmitted during a bite. Other insects carry diseases and can spread them to your pets as well.

Owners have to use sprays and topical ointments to kill these insects and stop them from coming back. That’s where our product stands out. Our uniquely formulated spray is head-and-shoulders above any other.

First, we start with 100% mammal-safe permethrin in a concentration proven to kill insects and prevent re-infestation. Second, we add iodine, which stops the diseases transmitted by insects.  Third, we put just a touch of isopropanol to promote the rapid evaporation and consistency in spray.

If you love your dogs, and want to avoid being bitten yourself, try our superior 100% Safe Flea & Tick Killer today!

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