Anti-Viral Mouthwash & Gargle (Concentrate) - 2-PACK - 50% OFF Second Package - Iodine Products

Anti-Viral Mouthwash & Gargle (Concentrate) – 2-PACK – 50% OFF Second Package


Anti-Viral Mouthwash & Gargle (Concentrate) – 2-PACK – 50% OFF Second Package


BUY ONE, GET THE SECOND ONE AT HALF PRICE! This package contains concentrated anti-viral mouthwash/gargle that you mix with water. It kills COVID and protects against contracting the virus or spreading it. « On Sale Now! »

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This two-package order contains 10 ml (about 1/3rd of an ounce) of concentrated anti-viral mouthwash/gargle.  Mixed with about 4 oz. of water (120 ml) you need just one scant tablespoon to rapidly destroy all viral organisms it contacts.  Required contact time is under 30 seconds.


ABOUT: This mouthwash/gargle concentrate is iodine-based.  This form of iodine is called “PVP-I” or polyvinyl pyrrolidone iodine.  This is a very stable form of iodine that, in more concentrated form, is used thousands of times a day in hospitals and clinics around the world.  It has been proven to completely destroy enveloped viruses (like COVID-19) and virtually all other known bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds and fungi.  Lab tests demonstrate that it typically works in 15-30 seconds.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: When you receive the package, be sure to read the instructions.  You can also return to this page to read the instructions.

You will need to pour the contents of the package – the mouthwash concentrate – into a larger bottle or container of some type.  Then add to your container, now with the concentrate in it, about 4 ounces of water (or 120 ml). This yields about 4½ ounces of mouthwash – enough for 12 uses.  You only need one (scant) tablespoon per gargle.

ABOUT IODINE: The mouthwash has a pleasant, sweet, peppermint flavor.  It is easy to use and doesn’t feel or taste “medicinal.”  It is extremely effective.  Iodine is a natural, anti-microbially powerful and also nutritionally necessary element.  You will probably swallow some, and that will be nutritionally beneficial.

This product is being used TODAY throughout the world by dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and maxillo-facial surgeons.  They use it for every patient who comes into the office, because they believe – in fact, they KNOW – that it is effective in killing COVID-19 in the upper respiratory tract and preventing transmission of the disease to healthcare staff and providers.

Iodine has a long history of successful use to prevent and cure infectious diseases.  It has a very effective mode of action against COVID-19 and similar “enveloped” viruses.

GARGLING TIME: Gargle for at least 30 seconds.  Move your head from side-to-side to have the mouthwash contact both sides of your throat.  Then spit out the mouthwash.

DON’T RINSE YOUR MOUTH. Allow the iodine to remain in contact with your salivary glands.  Your salivary glands will absorb the iodine.  Iodine kills the infectious disease organisms that have been collected by your salivary glands.

Go Viral!

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