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Why is Iodine So Important?

Do you ever wonder why iodine is so important and what exactly are its effects on the body, why do we need it, etc.?

Below are some free downloads to help explain some of the extremely valuable properties of iodine, what it can be used for, and what happens when you don’t get enough.


Effectiveness of Gargle, Spray, etc., on COVID-19 PatientsDownload
Iodine AnimalDownload
US Io Nutrition – Major Issues ProblemsDownload
Breast Cancer and IodineDownload
Brochure V6Download
Summary of Key Articles January 2021Download
PVPI To Reduce C19 Transmission – PAASE Bulletin 18Download
Data from Choudhury et al Iodine Article – 2-6-21 – 3 pmDownload
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