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Chew only one for your daily need of iodine in pregnancy.  To view a brief video on this product:
Anti-Cavity/Anti-Gingivitis Io Products’ iodized mouthwash is natural, powerful, and comparable to Listerine – at a better cost. We start with filtered water with zero chlorine or fluoride content.  We add pure ethanol (about 21.6%), sodium benzoate,...
Io Products’ no fluoride Fluoride free toothpaste avoids the serious thyroid uptake issues associated with fluoridated water and toothpaste.  Fluoride displaces a necessary nutrient – iodine – with a systemic poison (fluoride).  The vast amount of...
Our tough round hardwood iodized/peppermint toothpicks provide a level of dental health and maintenance similar to the iodized dental floss. Carry them everywhere, and with routine use, your gums, teeth, breath and iodine sufficiency will...
Our iodized/peppermint dental floss is a powerful cavity-and-disease prevention product. It deposits microscopic particles of iodine around, under, and in-between the teeth. The floss kills “bad” bacteria and nourishes the mouth, mucus membranes and the...
Chew only one for your daily need of iodine in pregnancy.  
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