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Our iodized/peppermint dental floss is a powerful cavity-and-disease prevention product.

It deposits microscopic particles of iodine around, under, and in-between the teeth. The floss kills “bad” bacteria and nourishes the mouth, mucus membranes and the gum’s need for iodine – to destroy infectious disease organisms.

Research shows that Iodine prevents cavities for months in only one application.

Iodized floss will make a huge contribution to your oral and general health.

Wasser Gel: The Revolutionary Gel That's Taking The Nation by Storm!

Imagine Vaseline with NO oily feeling. 

Imagine a lubricant that so slippery it's almost impossible to hold onto.

Image a topical antiseptic that's great for shaving, for wiping, for cuts,
bruises and irritations, pimples and blemishes.

Imagine a sex gel that makes it a dozen times better. And helps protect you from STDs.

Imagine a topical gel that kills every known germ and more, and forms an ultra-thin protective layer on your skin.

That's Wasser Gel. It'll help life in a hundred ways.
Permethrin Dog Spray - Tick & Flea Spray for Dogs - Enhanced Permethrin Dog Spray Permethrin Dog Spray - Tick & Flea Spray for Dogs - Enhanced Permethrin Dog Spray
$9.90 $29.95
Dogs are often exposed to fleas, ticks, mosquitos & other insects which spread serious diseases.   Our uniquely formulated spray is head-and-shoulders above any other. First, we use 100% mammal-safe permethrin, in a concentration proven to kill insects, and prevent re-infestation. Second, we add iodine, which stops the diseases vectored by biting disease-transmitting insects.  Third, a touch of isopropanol promotes rapid evaporation and consistency in spray.  If you love your dogs, and want to avoid being bitten yourself, try our superior Flea & Tick Killer.
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