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Our new free LIQUID MASK is a viral killer.  You can use it in three places:

FIRST: DIRECTLY on your mask.  Spray it on the exposed side, and on the inside.  Any virus particles that land on it will likely die a horrible death in seconds.

SECOND: In your mouth.  Spray 2-3x in your mouth.  Breathe inwards to pull the iodine aerosol into your throat.

THIRD: In your nose.  Look at the small white sprayer exit on the device, and make sure to get 1-2 sprays directly into your nose.  Sniff to pull it upwards.

NOW: You're protected.  This product in various forms is being used in oral physician and dental/surgical offices around the world to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 between doctors, staff, patients and other patients.  It works, and works well.

You can order as many times as you wish, but each time will cost $1.18 in postage. (If you can't afford it, sign up for our newsletter and we will waive the shipping cost.)

Stay safe!  Wear your mask!  Use Liquid Mask also!  
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