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Chew only one for your daily need of iodine in pregnancy. 

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Iodized DIAL hand soap has all the power and quality of regular DIAL hand soap, PLUS the amazing antibacterial power of iodine.  Get your hands REALLY clean, and sanitary, really fast. With a smooth, silky feel that no other hand-soap provides.  Not available in stores.


Lugol's Solution - Iodine Supplement - Liquid Iodine Supplement Lugol's Solution - Iodine Supplement - Liquid Iodine Supplement
$22.90 $23.99

The goal of Iodine supplement

Our dietary iodine supplement is an advanced version of Lugol's solution, famous for the maintenance and development of healthy mind, body, and immune system. With a ratio of 2.2:1.0 molecular iodine to iodide ion, our Lugol's +++ provides the blend of elemental and ionic iodine that reliable research has demonstrated to be effective against breast and other cancers.

Use 1-2 drops daily in any beverage or food - the amount necessary for both general health and a successful pregnancy.

Permethrin Dog Spray - Tick & Flea Spray for Dogs - Enhanced Permethrin Dog Spray Permethrin Dog Spray - Tick & Flea Spray for Dogs - Enhanced Permethrin Dog Spray
$9.90 $29.95
Dogs are often exposed to fleas, ticks, mosquitos & other insects which spread serious diseases.   Our uniquely formulated spray is head-and-shoulders above any other. First, we use 100% mammal-safe permethrin, in a concentration proven to kill insects, and prevent re-infestation. Second, we add iodine, which stops the diseases vectored by biting disease-transmitting insects.  Third, a touch of isopropanol promotes rapid evaporation and consistency in spray.  If you love your dogs, and want to avoid being bitten yourself, try our superior Flea & Tick Killer.

This package contains 10 ml (about 1/3rd of an ounce) of concentrated anti-viral mouthwash/gargle.  Mixed with about 4 oz. of water (120 ml) you need just one scant tablespoon to rapidly destroy all viral organisms it contacts.  Required contact time is under 30 seconds.


ABOUT: This mouthwash/gargle concentrate is iodine-based.  This form of iodine is called “PVP-I” or polyvinyl pyrrolidone iodine.  This is a very stable form of iodine that, in more concentrated form, is used thousands of times a day in hospitals and clinics around the world.  It has been proven to completely destroy enveloped viruses (like COVID-19) and virtually all other known bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds and fungi.  Lab tests demonstrate that it typically works in 15-30 seconds.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: When you receive the package, be sure to read the instructions.  You can also return to this page to read the instructions.

You will need to pour the contents of the package – the mouthwash concentrate - into a larger bottle or container of some type.  Then add to your container, now with the concentrate in it, about 4 ounces of water (or 120 ml). This yields about 4½ ounces of mouthwash - enough for 12 uses.  You only need one (scant) tablespoon per gargle.

ABOUT IODINE: The mouthwash has a pleasant, sweet, peppermint flavor.  It is easy to use and doesn’t feel or taste “medicinal.”  It is extremely effective.  Iodine is a natural, anti-microbially powerful and also nutritionally necessary element.  You will probably swallow some, and that will be nutritionally beneficial.

This product is TODAY being used throughout the world by dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and maxillo-facial surgeons.  They use it for every patient who comes into the office, because they believe – in fact, they KNOW – that it is effective in killing COVID-19 in the upper respiratory tract and preventing transmission of the disease to healthcare staff and providers.

Iodine has a long history of successful use to prevent and cure infectious diseases.  It has a very effective mode of action against COVID-19 and similar “enveloped” viruses.

GARGLING TIME: Gargle for at least 30 seconds.  Move your head from side-to-side to have the mouthwash contact both sides of your throat.  Then spit out the mouthwash.

DON’T RINSE YOUR MOUTH. Allow the iodine to remain in contact with your salivary glands.  Your salivary glands will absorb the iodine.  Iodine kills the infectious disease organisms that have been collected by your salivary glands.



Our 4 oz. (120 ml) bottle of super hand sanitizer contains over 500 drops, good for over 500 hand applications.  It has all the powerful and efficacy of operating-room products.  Plus it’s gentle on your hands, leaves them feeling clean, smooth and silky.  Excellent for minor cuts, scrapes and instant antibacterial and anti-viral activity. 



Io Products’ iodized mouthwash is natural, powerful, and comparable to Listerine – at a better cost. We start with filtered water with zero chlorine or fluoride content.  We add pure ethanol (about 21.6%), sodium benzoate, and iodine (as polyvinylpyrrolidone-iodine – similar to the surgical antiseptic in structure and concentration).  Peppermint stevia help to create a mouth-refreshing and super-effective product that tastes great, works beautifully and prevents cavities and gingivitis.  Sold in 16.9 oz large containers as a concentrate; dilute about 1:4 (product-to-water).  May prevent coughs, colds and throat infections. 

Sea Salt With Iodine - Iodized Sea Salt - Low Salt Diets Sea Salt With Iodine - Iodized Sea Salt - Low Salt Diets
$8.90 $9.94

Iodized Sea Salt for Low-Salt Diets

Our iodized Sea Salt is SO VERY salty that you'll use half-as-much or less on your food.

Even better: it contains 84 micronutrients - all the elements with which we evolved in the ocean a billion years ago.  This 200 million-year-old product has an exceptional, deep and delicious 100% SALT FLAVOR.

It is unmatched in taste, quality and health value by the bleached, sodium-chloride-only stuff you get in cardboard containers, which sits on the shelves for months, losing all its iodine.

It is SO much better than ordinary “unhealthy” salt - one taste is all it takes.
The doctor said "Cut back on sodium and salt!" Guess what? Here’s a way to do it WITHOUT EVER losing that wonderful salty taste. 

Use it on everything. Very, very sparingly.  You don't need much at all!
Research shows that MOST Americans don’t get nearly enough iodine.  Iodine fights heart-disease, destroys cholesterol, creates smarter babies.  Now you can ENJOY SALTY FOODS again and get your daily iodine requirement for you, your family, and your baby. 

Good Health

Great Taste! Easy To Use.


Io Products’ no fluoride

Fluoride free toothpaste avoids the serious thyroid uptake issues associated with fluoridated water and toothpaste.  Fluoride displaces a necessary nutrient – iodine – with a systemic poison (fluoride).  The vast amount of fluorine, chlorine and bromine that we receive in our daily lives quietly poisons us and makes it more difficult for our internal organs to absorb iodine.

Our toothpaste is simply formulated with calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, iodine, Japanese peppermint, guar gum, stevia and Redmond sea salt. 

Our tough round hardwood iodized/peppermint toothpicks provide a level of dental health and maintenance similar to the iodized dental floss. Carry them everywhere, and with routine use, your gums, teeth, breath and iodine sufficiency will remain in great health! They might save your life by preventing hordes of infectious diseases! Use at any moment, but most often after eating, to remove and destroy the microbes that harbor illness.

Our iodized/peppermint dental floss is a powerful cavity-and-disease prevention product.

It deposits microscopic particles of iodine around, under, and in-between the teeth. The floss kills “bad” bacteria and nourishes the mouth, mucus membranes and the gum’s need for iodine – to destroy infectious disease organisms.

Research shows that Iodine prevents cavities for months in only one application.

Iodized floss will make a huge contribution to your oral and general health.

Chew only one for your daily need of iodine in pregnancy.  
Wasser Gel: The Revolutionary Gel That's Taking The Nation by Storm!

Imagine Vaseline with NO oily feeling. 

Imagine a lubricant that so slippery it's almost impossible to hold onto.

Image a topical antiseptic that's great for shaving, for wiping, for cuts,
bruises and irritations, pimples and blemishes.

Imagine a sex gel that makes it a dozen times better. And helps protect you from STDs.

Imagine a topical gel that kills every known germ and more, and forms an ultra-thin protective layer on your skin.

That's Wasser Gel. It'll help life in a hundred ways.
Zero Salt Zero Salt
$8.90 $9.94

Zero-Sodium Iodized Salt

Our amazing potassium chloride iodized salt provides ALL the daily requirements for iodine AND potassium - with an amazing, delicious 100% SALT FLAVOR.

You can’t tell the difference!  It’s as good – or BETTER TASTING! – than ordinary “unhealthy” salt.

The doctor said "Cut back on sodium and salt!" Guess what? Here’s a way to do it WITHOUT EVER losing that wonderful salty taste.  

Use it on everything. 

Research shows that MOST Americans don’t get enough potassium.  Potassium fights heart-disease.  Well, now you can ENJOY SALTY FOODS again and get your nutrient-rich potassium.  

Good Health – Great Taste! Easy To Use.
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