Topics of Interest to Your Dental Health

  • How to Reverse Tooth Decay

    Our mouths are full of bacteria, yeasts, molds, viruses and fungi. Hundreds of different types live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other places in our mouths. Some are helpful, but some are harmful.

    You can get rid of many of them – easily, quickly, and efficiently – with the right toothpaste and the right mouthwash, and routine flossing or with special toothpicks with anti-bacterial products.

    There are many very important reasons to keep your mouth healthy. Our teeth go through this natural process of losing minerals and regaining minerals all day long. Iodine is a mineral that can prevent, reverse or stop early tooth decay.

  • Lower Cholesterol With Fluoride-Free Iodized Toothpaste

    How and why does cholesterol form?  From lipids.

    If you eat any animal products, you will be eating fats, called “lipids.”  Some lipids (a type of protein) such as Very Low-Density Lipoproteins (V-LDLs), are the major fats which produce cholesterol and cause it to attach to the walls of your arteries.  This condition is called “atherosclerosis” when the V-LDLs are not destroyed.

    The simple solution: use iodized products.

  • How To Minimize Dental Visit Pain

    You walk into the dentist’s office. In due course, the dental assistant says, “Hey, you are doing really great! Your gums are healthy, no bleeding. What have you been doing different?”

    You explain a bit about your new dental routine.

    She looks at you. “What is all this iodine stuff? You don’t use fluoride toothpaste?" Surely, everyone must use fluoride or else face the consequences!