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Your Baby Needs Your Iodine

Your Baby Needs You - and Your Iodine

Baby Needs Mother’s Iodine to Avoid Irreversible Brain Damage 

A recent article in THYROID magazine (American Thyroid Assoc.) spells it out clearly.  “The fetus is totally dependent on maternal thyroxine (produced by iodine) for normal brain development.”  If iodine insufficiency in the mother leads to inadequate thyroid hormones during pregnancy, “irreversible fetal brain damage can result.”

“Iodine,” says the article, “is an essential component of thyroid hormone, which is necessary for many metabolic processes as well as the maturation of the central nervous system.  The fetus is totally dependent on maternal iodine for normal brain development…and may also benefit from maternal dietary supplementation of iodine during the rest of pregnancy.”

This article was written thirteen years ago.  Since then, iodine has virtually disappeared from most nutritional sources (milk and bread were once the most important sources).  In the past, iodine was readily available in salt.  However, we now limit our salt intake, because salt can cause hypertension, the precursor to heart disease and high blood pressure.  Equally problematic, when the salt container sits on the supermarket shelf for a few months, there is virtually no iodine left.  It disappears into the air.

The only safe and reliable route is supplementation.  Sadly, food is undependable - and why risk your baby's future and future intelligence?

To read the article, click HERE:

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