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Worried About Fluoride in Your Water? Take it Out!

Worried About Fluoride in Your Water? Take it Out!

You don't have to pay hundreds of dollars for reverse osmosis equipment to remove fluoride from your drinking water.  Worried about fluoride in your home water? here's a simple type of filter that removes fluoride.  

Remember that fluoride inhibits iodine uptake, so if you're pregnant, or about to be, our fluoride filter is a "must have" for you and baby.

The Sink Top Water Filtration System removes up to 93% of the fluoride from your tap water, while removing up to 98% of chemicals including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), TOCs, chlorine and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors. It fastens easily to your kitchen faucet spout and has a diverter valve to dispense unfiltered water when desired, prolonging filter life. The multi-stage 5-micron coconut shell, granular-activated carbon and activated alumina water filter treats up to 500 Gal. and lasts up to three months. 

Cost is $89 (shipping extra).

  • Removes fluoride 
  • Countertop convenience with under-counter results
  • Designed to treat 500 Gal.
  • Includes sink faucet diverter valve, additional 15/16 in. x 13/16 in. sink faucet adapter, super-flexible connection tubing and long-reach chrome faucet
  • Installs and detaches easily for portability
  • Available in white
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