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What Causes Bad Cholesterol? Lack of Iodine?

What Causes Bad Cholesterol? Lack of Iodine?

There is a “significant association between excreted iodine and cholesterol in the blood” according to a recent study by the State University of Michigan.

Elevated blood cholesterol is called “dyslipidemia,” and this includes elevated total cholesterol, triglycerides, and the “bad” cholesterol, or LDL/VLDL cholesterol.

The Michigan University team discovered that iodine plays a role in the control of “bad” cholesterol and the increase in “good” or HDL cholesterol.

According to the study, “In US adults, low iodine intake and low excretion increased the odds for higher “bad” cholesterol.” There is a significant association between urinary iodine excretion and the fats that build-up cholesterol in the arteries.

To read the study abstract, click here:

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