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Lower Iodine = Lower IQ in Babies

Verbal I.Q. Seriously Affected by Lower Iodine Intake During/Pre-Pregnancy

Lack of Iodine Hurts Infant I.Q.  Maternal Iodine Critical for Baby

A  recent article in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology makes it as plain as the nose on your face: if you don't get enough iodine before pregnancy, and during the critical first two trimesters, your child's I.Q. will suffer.  Here's what the article says:

"This study confirms that low iodine status is associated with a reduction in verbal IQ scores, putting children at risk for poorer academic achievement. Our findings may have implications on a national level (e.g., by negatively affecting economic growth).

There's a simple bottom line: Supplement up to 150 mcg daily of iodine before pregnancy, and supplement 150 mcg at least up to 14 weeks.  This critical early period determines a child's verbal intelligence for life, forever.

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