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Preventing Insect Bites With Permethrin

Preventing Insect Bites With Permethrin: Very Effective

Insect Repellent For Your Clothing

According to the University of North Carolina, "Tick-borne diseases such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and ehrlichiosis are a significant concern for many thousands of workers who have frequent and unavoidable exposure to tick-infested habitats. ...state employees with outdoor occupations report multiple tick bites each year, indicating that existing tick preventive strategies may be underutilized or ineffective.

Repellent treatment of clothing with permethrin, a nontoxic chemical with insecticidal, knockdown, and repellent properties, is highly effective against ticks.  

The University did a study of insect repellent permethrin-treated clothing for tick bites, and found that people wearing treated clothing "had a 93% reduction (p < 0.0001) in the total incidence of tick bites compared to subjects using standard tick bite prevention measures."

Our product, P-Shield Fabric Softener with Permethrin, is highly effective against insect bites of all types, and most especially against ticks.

If you're looking for the best bug repellent for travel, you can pre-treat your clothing at home, and have a safe, insect-free vacation with our permethrin insect repellent designed for travelers and home-stay.

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