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Lower Cholesterol With Toothpaste

Lower Cholesterol With Toothpaste?

How and why does cholesterol form?  You can lower your cholesterol levels – by using iodized products.  Iodized toothpaste – fluoride-free – is one example.

If you eat any animal products, you will be eating fats, called “lipids.”  Some lipids (a type of protein) such as Very Low-Density Lipoproteins (V-LDLs), are the major fats which produce cholesterol and cause it to attach to the walls of your arteries.  This condition is called “atherosclerosis” when the V-LDLs are not destroyed.

For details on cholesterol and atherosclerosis, visit the National Center for Bio-Technology Information:

Elevated blood lipids are a major risk factor for heart and vascular diseases.

However, there’s hope, and a simple solution: use iodized products.  Even the tiny amount of iodine in our iodized toothpaste will help prevent heart and arterial diseases.  You don’t need much iodine to combat atherosclerosis!

This function of iodine is completely independent of its role in creating the hormones produced by your thyroid gland.  We call this “extra-thyroidal iodine.”

Iodine is the oldest, and probably the most powerful nutrient in the world for reducing blood thickness and improving overall cardiovascular health – by reducing lipids in the blood.  For more information, visit:

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