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Low Iodine Intake Destroys Cities

Low Iodine Intake Destroys Cities: World Health Organization

Low Iodine Disables Entire Cities, According to the World Health Organization

Is your entire city suffering from low iodine intake? Easily possible, even in many developed countries and sophisticated cities.  Like yours.  Here's what the World Health Organization says - about YOUR city:

"Of much greater public health importance are the more subtle degrees of brain damage and reduced cognitive capacity which affects the entire population. As a result, the mental ability of ostensibly normal children and adults living in areas of iodine deficiency is reduced compared to what it would be otherwise.  The potential of a whole community is reduced by iodine deficiency.

In an iodine-deficient population, everybody may seem to be slow and rather sleepy. The quality of life is poor, ambition is blunted, and the community becomes trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle. 

The greater use of urinary iodine estimation and other methods for assessing iodine deficiency has demonstrated that Iodine Deficiency Disorder can and does occur in many areas...Significant iodine deficiency has been found:

  • Where the prevalence of goiter is low and doesn’t suggest a problem;
  • In coastal areas;
  • In large cities;
  • In highly developed countries;
  • Where iodine deficiency has been considered to have been eliminated"

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