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Iodine, Thyroid & Pregnancy

Iodine, Thyroid & Pregnancy: New Research, New Worries, New Guidelines

A recent 2019 article in the EC Endocrinology and Metabolic Research Review outlines the serious problems of hypo- and hyperthyroidism.  "Complications include abortion, preeclampsia, placental detachment, premature birth....including low birth weight and perinatal death.  Maternal hypothyroidism in the first trimester (avoidable with the use of iodized salt) can be detrimental to fetal brain development and lead to mental retardation and cretinism with cognitive impairment..."

"Thyroid care during pregnancy is complicated," the Review warns. "Normal thyroid hormone levels are essential for structural changes in the fetal brain."

The use of iodized salt is critical.  However, since most doctors recommend cutting back on the use of salt because of heart disease and hypertension, many mothers are simply not getting enough iodine.  What's the best way to avoid the problems of too much salt, and the lack of iodine?

It's a simple set of 3 answers:

First: Use an iodized sea salt.  Sea salt is saltier, has a wonderful complex of 80+ essential micronutrients, and remains iodized for long shelf-life (unlike "cardboard box" bleached and mined salt).

Second: Use zero-salt iodized potassium (NOT sodium!) chloride.  It's a great alternative, and the good ones taste at least as good as regular salt or even sea-salt!  Some folks like it better than sodium chloride!

Third: Download the article linked below, to print and provide to your obstetrician or perinatologist.  Its well-balanced scientific guidance could be very useful to your doctor.  It's hard for any doctor to keep up with the latest literature!

Here's the link to the article:

 And, if you have questions, don't hesitate to call us or leave a note!  We'll do our best to provide coherent and complete answers.


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