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We Desperately Need Iodine

Why we desperately need iodine today?

Iodine in Evolution:

Iodine is Key to a Healthy Life.  Evolution Tells Us Why. 

Three billion years ago, oceanic blue-green algae produced oxygen and methane in the atmosphere, and poly-unsaturated fatty acids in lipid membranes. About 600 million years ago when the primitive brain evolved in marine animals, thyroid cells originated from the gut in vertebrates, then migrated, and specialized in the uptake and storage of iodine compounds in a new organ: the thyroid. Four hundred million years ago some sea vertebrates moved to the iodine-deficient land. Iodine/thyroid hormones became active agents in the development of vertebrates, facilitating their adaptation to the new terrestrial environment. The dry terrestrial diet stimulated the formation of Iodine-concentrating salivary glands, and then 200 million years ago Iodine-concentrating mammary glands in mammals. 

The recent industrial revolution caused vast changes in our diet, and we moved from eating iodine-rich vegetables and fruits, grown near the ocean's iodine-rich rain clouds, to inland, industrial-farm foods with almost no iodine. The results: little protection from the key diseases that plague us today: heart disease, cerebro-vascular disease (stroke), cancer, diabetes, pre-term births, lung and sex organ diseases...all of which can be significantly ameliorated or even avoided with sufficient iodine. (We should add that iodine-like chemicals - the halogens chlorine, fluorine, bromine - compete with and inhibit iodine's uptake by the body.)

The last 50 years has witnessed a vast evolution in our knowledge of iodine's role in almost every process of the human body: from our need for friendly relations with commensal and symbiotic microbes to the daily birth and death of ten billion cells (no cell is born or dies without an atom or two of iodine).  We have found the mechanisms of iodine-from-blood extraction in every organ, every structure and every cell of the body, and yet our regulatory agencies (primarily the FDA and USDA) are stuck in a 1935 view of daily iodine intake needs. We don't benefit much from 150-250 micrograms of iodine.  We need a minimum of 25-50 milligrams (about 40x the current inadequate RDA), along with 200 micrograms of selenium.

Read Dr. Sebastian Venturi's brilliant exposition on the evolutionary role of iodine, HERE:

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