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Iodine Deficiency

Dr. M. Zimmerman: "Iodine Excess Far Outweighed by Risk of Iodine Deficiency"

Dr. M. Zimmerman:  "The relatively small risks of iodine excess are far outweighed by the substantial risks of iodine deficiency."

Dr. Zimmerman is at the government's Human Nutrition Laboratory in Zürich, Switzerland.  Switzerland has not only eliminated endemic goiter, but has achieved a higher level of I.Q. (7th in the world) than MOST OTHER NATIONS on earth.  All salt in Switzerland is iodized, by regulation.  By comparison, the United States is ranked 27th.  To see the I.Q. rankings of the nations of the world, click HERE:

There is a direct relationship between I.Q. and economic status as well.  Note that most of the top countries have populations which a) are primarily located on the coast; and b) consume lots of sea vegetables (sea weed) - very high in iodine content.

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