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Countless Benefits of Iodine

Countless Benefits of Iodine

For nearly 200 years, physicians have known that supplemental iodine cures goiter - and, similarly, prevents problems in pregnancy for the mother and the baby.  However, only the last 40 years did we come to learn that there is a specific "filter" or mechanism the thyroid uses to extract iodine from the blood.  This filter is called the "Sodium Iodide Symporter," a 643-layer filter of amino acids that pulls iodine into the thyroid.  

Then, about 20 years ago, some sharp researchers decided to look for the "Symporter" in other organs of the body.  What did they find? In the salivary glands, in the brain, in the liver, in the pancreas: the Sodium Iodide Symporter.  What does this mean? It means that these organs - and, in fact, ALL the organs of the body - pull iodine from the blood into the organ itself.  All of them.  Endocrine and "non"-endocrine organs (so-called "exocrine" organs).  Then, two years ago, the Symporter was located in millions of single cells - white blood cells, or leukocytes.  

It turns out that white blood cells, the primary disease defense our body uses, deploy iodine directly against invading organisms of all types, from bacteria, to viruses, from fungi to parasites (such as worms, amoebae and single-celled invaders).

Therefore, the whole body, and apparently all of its cells, requires iodine.

Hundreds of millions of years of evolution have created our need for iodine, but it is only in the last 100 years that our intake has been substantially reduced.  The effect has not been productive for good health.  As a "scratch the surface" start, iodine is critical for:

·         Pregnancy health

·         Fetal intelligence

·         Pre-term birth prevention

·         Fibrocystic Breast Disease prevention

·         Infant mortality reduction

·         Anti-oxidant activity

·         Breast cancer incidence

·         T-cell adaptive immunity

·         Childhood behavioral issues

For a remarkable and candid discussion of the essential "non-thyroidal" benefits of iodine, please click on the link below to an article by Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD, former professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Washington, as published in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Winter 2006. 

Download the article by Donald Miller, MD

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