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Breast Cancer and Iodine

Brilliant Book on Breast Cancer - Download Free

Preventing Breast Cancer

David Derry, MD/Ph.D. was a physician and biochemist decades ahead of his time.  He was an astute observer and a compassionate and deep-thinking genius.  His 116-page short book - "Breast Cancer & Iodine" - predicted the next two decades of research in understanding iodine and its central role in breast cancer prevention.

His book outlines, with scientific clarity, how to prevent and perhaps even cure breast cancer.  As the physician's Hippocratic Oath says, "I will try to prevent illness, because prevention is better than cure." 

His book is available here as a free download.  It was written for the average person. It's fascinating to read, and easy to understand.

Click on the download link to get your free copy.  There's no obligation, nothing to buy, and only life-giving information to share.

Simply go to :  and click on the word "Download" next to " David Derry MD - Breast Cancer and Iodine."

There's great knowledge to be gained.

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