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10 Vital COVID Prevention Lessons

10 Vital COVID Prevention Lessons – For Today

10 Vital COVID Lessons – For Today


FIRST: Viruses are simple genetic material in a shell.  Breathe in lots of them – without sufficient iodine stored in your oral/nasal membranes – and you’ll have viral particles multiplying in your mouth and nose.  Iodine will kill them.  Iodine sufficiency is like wearing a “Liquid MaskTM.” 


SECOND: You can be any age and the virus will multiply by millions every few minutes.  If you kill them on contact, they won’t multiply. But if your mouth and nose are “favorable” hosts, then they will multiply.


You can prevent their multiplication with good oral hygiene.  How do we know? From the opposite. Resident oral hygiene in nursing homes is generally awful. The most common circumstance is to get a deadly case of COVID is in a nursing home (or an assisted living facility).

 Iodine Products COVID

THIRD: Testing helps but isn’t real protection.  All tests have false negatives and false positives.  And a test is ONLY good at the moment of sampling.  Five minutes after leaving the testing location, you could encounter a cloud of COVID virions (virus particles) and host them.  And die.  Or never notice that you have an infection and spread it to others.

FOURTH: Respiration is how most people are infected.  In the open air, with good airflow around you, infection is less likely.  Sunlight also generates Vitamin D, and Vitamin D protects you.  Somewhat.

 Iodine Products Physical Distancing

FIFTH: Wear a mask in public.  There are great, good, and ineffective masks.  N95s are supposed to be the best (are they?), but they are expensive.  Regular surgical and medical ear-loop masks are good, not great. Cloth masks are not bad, but not that effective.

SIXTH: Blow your nose often, carefully and throw away the tissues.  When you blow your nose, you dislodge millions of microbes, and simply getting rid of them will help you avoid disease.  Your body can fight off a few COVID virions, but not millions.  Again, blow your nose often.  Blow each nostril separately, and moderately.  Blow twice until you breathe easily.

Iodine Products Blow Your Nose

SEVENTH: The symptoms are not always easy to analyze. Most COVID infections cause a fever, a persistent cough, and shortness of breath. Other symptoms include a headache, chronic fatigue, and digestive issues.  The rapid loss of taste or smell are important signs to deal with immediately.

EIGHTH: Even after testing negative many times, some people are unwell for months.  The experts expect this will increase.  One solution: make sure that you are iodine sufficient, as iodine is a key component of your immune system.  People with a healthy immune system will develop their own natural immunity.  How much iodine? We recommend 500 mcg a day (one to two drops of our Dietary Iodine Supplement).  More than 1,000 mcg a day would require you to take additional 200 mcg daily of selenium, which helps the body to USE the excess iodine, and use it effectively without overloading your body, and especially without overloading the thyroid.

If you need some FREE liquid iodine supplement to try out, write us and request it.  We will send you a two-week sample packet a NO charge.  Just ask.  Write and provide your name and address and email. We will send out a two-week supply totally free.

NINTH: There are some semi-effective treatment methods.  Some limit the disease’s longevity; others reduce symptoms.  We are reducing mortality, but this is still a killer disease.  Over 230,000 Americans are dead from it. 

Don’t believe crazy cure promotions without checking the science.  In our case, there are thousands of oral surgeons, dentists, nasopharyngeal specialists and oropharyngeal doctors who insist that their patients gargle with iodine mouthwash.  They know it works.  We offer the product. For a FREE mouthwash/gargle sample, write us to and provide your name and address and email. We will send out a two-week supply totally free.

TENTH: This disease will be around forever. We are not “fans” of an global vaccination program, but believe that good oral hygiene and good immune system maintenance will protect you and everyone around you.  Don’t sit around waiting for a vaccine.  And further, if your immune system isn’t up to par, and if your oral hygiene is poor, you will get sick, vaccine or not.

 COVID  Global Pandemic

We will send you a FREE Anti-Viral Liquid Mask Spray, as shown below. Go to the homepage to order or click here.

Iodine Products Liquid Mask



REMEMBER: Eat well – fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, fatty fish, maybe chicken.  Avoid red meat and processed meat.  Walk your dog (or just walk) 2-3x a day.

Walk Your Dog


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