Biography - Iodine Products


Gene Rosov

Early On

Eugene Rosov was born at a very young age in Brooklyn, NY to immigrant  Hungarian and Russian parents.  He taught himself to read at the age of four, went through junior high and high school (New York’s “Science High School,” Stuyvesant H.S.) on accelerated programs, and entered Harvard College on a full scholarship at the age of 16.
As a child prodigy on the ‘cello, he began to play professionally in New York City before moving to Boston, and continued his musical career while at Harvard, founding a chamber music school in New Hampshire (during his junior year in college), and creating concert, educational, and music-missionary programs.  As a founding director of Chamber Music America, he was instrumental in creating a chamber music grant program at the National Endowment for the Arts and establishing a national “umbrella” organization for all chamber music professionals.


After leaving the Director’s role at the music school, he started WaterTest Corporation, a national water quality testing laboratory.  The company’s rigorous approach to sample collection, preservation, transport and analysis revealed vast quantities of lead in drinking water throughout the United States, and especially in large urban buildings.  Gene’s testimony in front of two congressional subcommittees helped to shape new environmentally protective drinking water regulations, and raised national awareness of the dangers of lead in drinking water.  WaterTest Corporation became publicly traded by acquisition.
Shortly thereafter, Gene started the nation’s first major prepaid phone card program through a combination of technical computer/telephony development and broadbase advertising, promoted in part by the Regional Bell Operating Companies (now subsumed into AT&T) and Western Union, a major client of the prepaid phone card program.
Subsequently, Gene created Talk Visual Corporation, an entity which he took public on the NASDAQ stock exchange and ran for 7 years.  More recently, he founded two medical malpractice insurance companies for physicians, and thereafter started Iodine Products, Inc.

Iodine Products

Iodine Products, his latest venture, focuses on providing Americans and their dentists and physicians with iodine-based formulations to prevent and cure COVID-19 and forestall its transmission.  Several of its products are now filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the company is developing new and innovative iodine-based and iodine-enhanced products for the medical and consumer markets.
Gene is divorced and has 4 dogs, 3 grown children and 7 grandchildren.  He believes that it is the duty of every able and intelligent person to strive to solve the local, domestic, and international problems of health, poverty and intellectual suppression.