Women's Iodine Status: A 40-Year Alarming Decline - Pregnant? Urgent Reading - Iodine Products

Women’s Iodine Status: A 40-Year Alarming Decline – Pregnant? Urgent Reading

Women’s Iodine Status: A 40-Year Alarming Decline – Pregnant? Urgent Reading

Iodine & Pregnancy
A Healthy Pregnancy Needs Iodine Supplements

Iodine is a critically essential micronutrient.  It forms the basis of thyroid hormones, which regulate the basal metabolism – the speed of cellular activity – in every mammal, including humans.

Every cell in the body uses iodine.  It is necessary for the development of all cells and critically important for the death of cells.  (If cells do not die, they can become cancerous.)

One of iodine’s key functions is for your unborn baby.  The baby’s developing brain and neural systems require iodine in sufficient quantities, and this can only come from the mother’s diet or the mother’s supplementation.  Without enough iodine, a baby will be born with an I.Q. deficiency, or perhaps with more visible and gross physical problems, including cretinism and malformed organs and appendages.

Iodine deficiency problems during fetal growth are irreversible, permanent and life-long.

A 2019 “Review of Iodine Status of Women of Reproductive Age in the USA” was conducted by a group of researchers and published in the Biological Trace Element Research Journal. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30617900/

The findings were alarming.  The report states that their research “…demonstrates emergent iodine deficiency in women of reproductive age, indicating alarm for a public health concern needing immediate attention.”

The researchers comment that “ Iodine deficiency disorders comprise a range of adverse maternal and fetal outcomes.  The most significant irreversible effects result from neurodevelopmental deficits in the fetal brain caused by deficient iodine status during early pregnancy. “

A similar review in the 2007 Public Health Nutrition journal of Cambridge University Press  – The Prevalence of iodine deficiency in women in the USA – states that “because of the potential harm caused by iodine deficiency during pregnancy, we support the use of iodine supplements for all pregnancies while [new] data are being collected.”

You can see this review here: https://doi.org/10.1017/S1368980007360862

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